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With Your Help, We can make Sarasota Schools Normal Again!

It starts with educating our next generation in the Truth and using that as the foundation, supporting the stepping stones of talents and skills developed through better education.

It's Time To give your children the schools they deserve.

Thomas Babicz wants to make Sarasota Schools NORMAL again. He is a strong supporter of school vouchers and tax credits and policies that put parents in charge of their children’s education.

Thomas is running to be elected to the District 3 Sarasota County School Board in 2024.

Thomas Babicz wants to make Sarasota Schools NORMAL again. He is a strong supporter of school vouchers and tax credits and policies that put parents in charge of their children’s education.

Thomas wants to revive the childhood experience that most of us enjoyed for this, and future generations of youth. He strongly opposes ALL pornography in schools or ANY introduction to ANY sexual orientation throughout the Elementary school years. When it comes to sex education, Parents know best, and are best able to determine  their children’s emotional maturity levels as they develop, what their children should know about it, and when their children should know about it.

This has worked well for prior generations. The only thing the schools need to know about regarding our school children, is that Parents must be informed immediately about any and all issues related to a change in their children’s health and well-being, as well as with any changes in their scholastic progress. 

Bullying MUST be recognized and reported AND stopped when FIRST noticed. Social media MUST be limited in a child's early years. The dangers of online 'Grooming' and the other dangers associated with a smart phone and/or social media should be integrated into classroom learning BEFORE they are allowed access to them.
And most importantly, anyone working for the Sarasota County School system directly or as a contractor or in any other affiliated capacity MUST sign an acknowledgement that they completely understand that The Parents - NOT the schools - are to remain responsible and informed of ALL of their children's extracurricular activities before, during and after school hours.

To achieve these goals, Thomas' core focus will remain on the following:

  • Eliminating Pornography & Rejecting the WOKE DEI/SEL/CRT Agenda
  • Instituting Teaching Phonics to Maximize Reading & Writing Skills & Graduation Rates
  • Advocacy for Parents to Maintain Child Safety
  • Eliminating Wasteful Spending
  • Reduced Class Sizes & Higher Teacher Salaries

The facts from his life, mentioned above, are included for a reason – to show that Thomas Babicz, with his common-sense approach along his proven multifaceted experiences and successes achieved during his life, make him more than qualified to improve the Sarasota School system.



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Sarasota Florida · Public Hearing to Adopt Tentative Millage and Budget
Tuesday, July 30, 2024
5:15 PM
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Florida · Primaries · United States Senate
Tuesday, August 20, 2024
Florida · Primaries · Florida House of Representatives
Tuesday, August 20, 2024
Florida · Primaries · Florida Senate
Tuesday, August 20, 2024
Sarasota Florida ·  School Board WORKSHOP
Tuesday, August 21, 2024
9:00 AM

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About Thomas Andrew Babicz

Thomas Andrew Babicz was born in Gdansk, Poland during Soviet occupation and was very poor most of his young life because of poor economic conditions under communism. The money he earned was barely enough for food. He first started trying to make a change for the better from a young age. He was one of those demonstrating against the communist regime in his town in 1970 when 8 people were killed by the police. 

Thomas graduated from Telecommunication Technical High School in 1974, but because his family was very poor, like everyone else in every country under communist rule, he attended a Polytechnic Institute in the evenings after work in hope of a better future. He worked in the IT department of the Gdansk main Post Office where his ideas and the changes he implemented to its computer system, tripled the production efficiency in 1980.

When it was found out that he was active in an underground anticommunist organization in his town, he was asked to resign, despite the major improvements he brought to his place of employment. Thomas then joined the Solidarity Trade Union in a building construction company where he worked also as a computer programmer. Through his innovations, during his first year there, he saved that organization hundreds of thousands of dollars. After seeing underground copies of Newsweek magazine maps showing the Russian Army at the Polish border ready to attack, Thomas’ father was afraid that Thomas would be executed. He knew his son had the potential for a better life in the West and urged him to find a way to get there. 

Thomas learned that his dream of escaping communism and becoming a free man might just become a reality when he discovered a hole in the border security during his first visit to West Berlin. Pursuing his dream was worth the risk he was about to take. When the time was right, he made his move and asked for and was granted political asylum in West Germany. After a short time there, he then applied for, and was granted immigration status to the USA. His extraordinary efforts to escape communism paid off, and he soon found himself touching down at JFK airport in New York City in 1982. He landed with $32 in his pocket. He could speak 3 languages at the time but English was not one of them. But he was not going to let this deter him after all he’d gone through to get to this point, and he set his sights on his new challenge of learning to read and write English while performing menial labor for food and shelter. 

He survived the first two weeks in America by eating one slice of pizza per day and drinking water from a sink. His ‘American Dream’ started initially as a janitor, cleaning bathrooms at the Bank of America. Working at a job that most people would look down on as work they would never do, he was happy. Because, regardless of this part-time minimum wage job, he knew he had finally made it to the Land of Opportunity and was already at a standard of living that would always be better than if he had stayed in communist Poland. His climb up the ladder to success began when he picked up a second job in a butcher shop where he found a more efficient way to organize the way the trucks were unloaded. 

His next job was at the Art Gallery warehouse where he led a total reorganization of the inventory system of the Art warehouse. After improving his English, Thomas moved back into his familiar world of computers. Just three years after landing at JFK he was offered employment by an international corporation to work for them as a Computer Programmer. Two or three years later Thomas was promoted to Network Manager which soon was followed by another promotion to IT Manager where he was responsible for the administration of thousands of workstation computers and servers in 4 Data Centers located in NJ, AZ, CA and Washington, DC. He soon found himself nearing the peak of his career in Information Technology. 

Thomas managed his staff, the Data Center operations, other projects and budgets. In a carefully calculated and complex cost- savings endeavor, he planned and managed the move of the entire computer system in his corporation from NYC to New Jersey. His top-tier management skills, meticulous planning and budgeting and logistical expertise in preparing for this major undertaking, made this very spectacular move far from ordinary. When every machine was powered up and operations were ready to begin, everything worked flawlessly in this new location. 

To say that this is absolutely unheard of in the information technology world would be the understatement of the century. Any other company would need weeks if not months to become fully operational after a move of this magnitude. Thomas’ extraordinary talent in negotiating contracts became apparent when he was asked to take the lead in the management of all contract negotiations in his IT department in the last few years before his retirement. Once again, he surpassed all expectations when his IT department saved $3.8 M during his first 20 months of various contract negotiations while mentoring other department managers in his uniquely strategic methodologies. 

Thomas finally retired in 2019 after working in IT Management for 35 years in America and moved from Edison New Jersey to Venice Florida with his wife Barbara, where they currently reside. Through members in his church congregation, Thomas learned of a Polish-American organization, which he joined 4 years ago. He was elected and served as Treasurer for 2 terms. The organization changed their Statute last January to keep Thomas as their Treasurer for another term and they elected him for his third term in this position in February. It is obvious that Thomas, through hard work and dedication, has truly achieved The American Dream. He feels it is time for him to demonstrate his appreciation to his adopted country by giving back to America. His goal is to improve the lives of those who would benefit from his talents the most. He could easily be enjoying his retirement, spending his time with wife, three children and his grandson. But with his family’s support, he is determined to do what he can do to make the country that has been so good to him, as great as it can possibly be again. He saw how communism in Poland started in the schools there, and he knows how to stop it from spreading and festering here. It starts with educating our next generation in the Truth and using that as the foundation supporting the stepping stones of talents and skills developed through better education. He is ready to get started and will not quit until his mission has been completed here on the Board of Sarasota County Schools.